Redcliffe Life Sciences

Genomics test to support mother and child, gut and oncology

Redcliffe Lifesciences is a molecular genomics, precision medicine & research company offering complete range of clinical genomics tests with its state-of-the-art next generation sequencing laboratory


Mother and Child Healthcare Complete Genetic solutions to safeguard mother and child health Explore more ...


Comprehensive Cancer Genetic Testing Cancer Genetic testing services to increase your chance of effective disease management. Explore more ...

Inherited Genetic Disorders

Comprehensive Genetic Tests to screen for more than 500 diseases Explore more ...

Clinical Gut Microbiome

Identification of all microbial species residing your gut Explore more ...

Advantage Redcliffe

  • World Class Technology We use highest quality standards using the technologies appreciated worldwide for accurate, consistent and reproducible results
  • Unmatched Reliability All our tests are performed with minimum human intervention and many quality checkpoints ensure negligible chances of error
  • Actionable Results Our reports provide high quality actionable data in the first time. Need for repeat tests or alternative methods is greatly reduced