Oncocliffe Comprehensive Cancer Genetic Testing

Cancer Genetic testing services to increase your chance of effective disease management.

Somatic Solid Cancer

Somatic cancer is a type of cancer that develops spontaneously in a tissue or organ in the body. Unregulated cellular function gives rise to abnormal cancerous cells which develops into a somatic cancer.
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Liquid Biopsy

Oncocliffe Liquid Biopsy protocols target the DNA in blood which can be easily drawn from patients with minimal invasiveness (Liquid Biopsy) and can be used for diagnosis, prognosis, recurrence-risk prediction, or can be biopted at regular intervals to dynamically monitor disease progression, drug r
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Hereditary Cancer

Oncocliffe Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer panel targets more than 50 hereditary cancer syndromes. This panel is carefully curated to provide widest coverage of all pathologically relevant genes and disease relevant mutations by NGS.
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