Redcliffe Lifesciences expands into offering high quality genetic testing for cancer diagnostics and rare disease, announces partnership with Ambry Genetics

21st Jan 2019, New Delhi. Redcliffe Lifesciences, a leading genomics house based in New Delhi today announced the launch of two additional brands, their cancer diagnostics focused Oncocliffe and clinical exome Exocliffe services, enhancing their current line-up of reproductive health-focussed genomic services with state of art clinical cancer testing and rare disease testing.

Starting today, Redcliffe Lifesciences will begin offering a spectrum of high quality tests to cover the entire continuum of genetic testing - from Mother and Child Healthcare, to Comprehensive Cancer Genetic Testing and Rare Diseases. The company already offers NIPS, Clinical micro-array, PGS & PGD, carrier screening under brand Crysta.

The new testing service makes available highest quality technology and reporting, giving unmatched reliability and providing the highest possible yield of actionable results in a comprehensive report format.

In addition, the company entered into lab partnership with Ambry Genetics Corporation (“Ambry”), a Konica Minolta company, and global leader in comprehensive genetic testing. Redcliffe Lifesciences will offer selected tests from Ambry‘s broad menu in India exclusively, including state of the art hereditary multigene NGS (next generation sequencing) gene panels.

“Expanding from Mother and Child Healthcare to Cancer and rare disease testing is a major milestone for Redcliffe Lifesciences,” stated Dhiraj Jain, MD, Redcliffe Lifesciences. “The addition of Ambry Genetics’ well-established hereditary testing service will further strengthen our existing portfolio tremendously, and insights gained from these additions will benefit our clinicians in India.”

Together, these expansions will accelerate the uptake of highest quality diagnostics in mother & child reproductive medicine, oncology, neurology infections disease, and immunology in addition to enhancing research initiatives.

“Through our Ambry-Redcliffe Partnership Program we are able to rapidly extend our expanding portfolio of applications to our clinician at APAC” stated Ambry spokesperson in APAC.