Redcliffe Carrier Screening Safe guard your child’s future

Safe guard your child’s future by understanding your genetic disorder carrier status.


The Carrier Screening Panel is a comprehensive genetic screening test that analyses for more than 295 genes covering 400 inherited genetic disorders simultaneously.

Why to go for Carrier Screening ?

This test is performed to screen for recessive genetic disorders. Each individual carries 2 copies of every gene. If there is a mutation in one of the copies of the gene, the individual is said to be Carrier of that disease. If both the copies of genes are mutated, the individual is said to be affected from disease. A Carrier individual may be perfectly healthy without showing any disease symptoms. If both the parents are carriers for a mutation at the same location, their child will have 25% chance of getting affected from the disease, 50% chance of carrier child and 25% chance of normal child. This knowledge of carrier parents is extremely important in determining the risks to progeny and to seek a proper medical help to avoid any such risk.

Who can be benefited with Carrier Screening ?

  • Couples who do not have any known history of genetic disorders but wish to know their risk of passing any genetic disease to their child.
  • Consanguineous couple, who have increased risk to pass the recessive disease.
  • Couples from certain ethnic backgrounds in which certain diseases are more prominent.
  • Couples who wish to undergo IVF treatment can take this test as a complimentary to other tests to rule out any risk of genetic disease transfer.
  • Couples seeking IVF can use this test for egg/sperm donors for better selection and risk reduction

Test Procedure

Sample Type:
Whole Blood - 3-5 ml / Purified Genomic DNA - 1000ng
To be transported with gel packs(4 to 8℃)
To reach Redcliffe facility within 48 hrs

Please contact the company / lab in case you need support on sampling etc.
Reporting and TAT:
The clinical report will be delivered to your doctor within 4-5 weeks.
If the sample quality is found to be poor, then the lab team will reach you for fresh sample, hence TAT will be revised


Test Code Description Methodology TAT Sample Details Transportation
RCL003 Redcliffe Carrier Screening Panel- app. 400 genes NGS 4-5 Weeks Whole Blood/Purified genomic DNA 3-5 ml whole blood in EDTA vacutainer or 20-100 ng purified DNA